Interior Design on a budget

Designer homes that you love and adore don’t have to cost an arm and leg. Here are some great examples how you can change your home into the abode you desire!

While money does make this easier, there is an ever-growing number of designer furniture and replica furniture styles that can help create special spaces that exert individual personality. Don’t forget that it’s not just about adding objects but adding quality replica furniture pieces that make a difference.

The finishing touches like paint, flooring, fabrics and accessories can help to emphasize the quality furnishings in your room so you have to be sure to give everything your close attention.

Here are our top 10 tips to getting a designer look on a budget:

1. Choose your items wisely

Take your time to develop a good theme for your room or entire interior look. Browsing through quality interiors magazines and websites that sell high end quality replica furniture will provide initial inspiration and will help to shape your ideas. After a few hours you should definitely know which designer looks you love and those you hate. For example the earthy vibrant tones may be more suitable to Gold Coast Furniture homes whereas chromes and cooler colours may be more suitable for the south. Whatever it is you choose the next step will be to choose the replica furniture you adore.

2. Create a mood board

Once the key component is confirmed you can mock up your own version in the form of a mood board using cut out images or online shots of spaces that incorporate the designer furniture you love in a space you adore. Online research is the fastest way to see where you can find pieces with similar detailing, finishes or shape. There are now a number of resources online selling designer furniture Gold Coast and unique pieces that you may have never considered before taking the time to do your mood board.

3. Add your personal touch

While expensive designer looks use costly materials and finishes there are often much cheaper alternatives that can provide the same look – all you need to do is spend some time to look for items that have the same feel as a the real deal high end furniture. It may be a specific designer lamp with a chrome base that you love but cannot afford or a basic timber chair you just cant throw away. The alternative is to purchase replica furniture instead which has the exact detail as the high end pieces only a fraction of the cost. Also reupholstering or painting you old loved ones can completely change the look, give you something unique that no one else has whilst looking more expensive than they really are.

4. Getting a bigger bang for your buck.

Stone for example is generally a luxury material but certain stones are less than a quarter of the price of commonly used varieties. Similarly the luxurious look of gold detailing can be achieved with polished brass and printed wallpapers with a touch of gold foil. Both create a sense of luxury at budget prices.

5. Invest in showstoppers

It's often wise to invest in a couple of showstoppers that lift the level of your room or interior to a real designer furniture space. These can be designer furniture pieces like a stainless steel bench or a solid timber floor as much as objects like furniture, lighting or art pieces. The general aim is to lift the more ordinary objects up to the level of the key pieces. Furniture Gold Coast is always a great place to begin in those fine tuned pieces, you are sure to get quality replica furniture here.

6. Buy vintage

Buying vintage doesn’t appeal to everyone but in the mix a good second hand item will add instant flair to an interior. Second Hand shops are a great way of adding an antique charm and wit to an interior scheme and are generally a way to fill a space for close to nothing.

Some may need a little clean or a new lick of paint – others may require a new lampshade but the essence remains that they are a personal and unique feature that wont cost an arm or a leg.

7. Couple objects together in a space

Creating a unique display in a certain space by coupling objects of furniture together is a designer furniture dream. Replica furniture chair coupled with a designer furniture table and a few expensive and cheap accessories will certainly add flair to any space..

A collection of old glass bottles can be bought quite cheaply or better yet be taken from your own pantry of jars. These in a common colour theme with a few flowers or objects could really look effective.

8. Size does matter

Gold Coast Furniture stores are the best in furnishing designer interiors. Large furniture clutters up small spaces in an unnatural way and makes everything seem out of scale. Equally using small sofas in a large room will look uninviting as well. The trick is you may need to spend money (or save) on furniture that is the appropriate size for your space. Furniture Gold Coast is the best place to search if you need some help.

9. Sale! Sale! Sale!

Bring out the bargain shopper in you and remember you can save a lot of money by buying fabric remnants and discontinued designer furniture lines by keeping a keen eye out for showroom stock sales and online websites. You can save up to fifty percent this way and still get the real thing. Creating a designer look on a budget takes extra time precisely our aim is to achieve Quality replica furniture looks without the designer furniture price tag… and it definitely IS possible.

10. Get inspiration online

As mentioned previously Furniture Gold Coast stores are infamous for creating designer furniture looks and not having to empty your pockets. Primarily because they sell a range of replica furniture pieces at a fraction of the cost of other sellers. Whilst visiting their websites you will also find a bunch of designer furniture accessories including lighting options and paintings that will help to complete your look.