Concrete Jungle

The rise of the concrete table



Look anywhere now and you will find it, the once unheard of, scoffed at and surprising Concrete table. It you had asked anyone a few years back, only a diehard minimalist Architect would have agreed that a concrete table was a thing of beauty. Fast forward however to 2019 and it’s the on-trend piece for your home or garden and with good reason too.

The truth be told concrete tables have been around since the Roman times. Concrete being a medium for all good things, sculpture, art and furniture it has been used by our forefathers for centuries and it seems like they were on to something…

Luckily for us, concrete has seen something of a revival and of course a refinement over the last few years. First was the polished concrete floor, what a beauty! Then it was the minimalist concrete walls, the glorious polished concrete kitchen counters and now the practical, durable concrete table.

Whether it’s in your dining room or in your garden (concrete is the most fantastic weatherproof material) these pieces are a great investment. Long lasting, sturdy, weatherproof! But hang on a minute, before you rush out and buy the first piece you see… like men, not all concrete tables are created equal. Here are a few things to look out for when selecting your concrete table.




  1. Watch your legs! Concrete is fantastic for outdoor use but be careful to check what your table is resting on. If you intend to use your table outdoors, ensure the legs are made of a suitable outdoor material.

  2. Check your surface! Depending on composition of the concrete surface, concrete tables can be fantastically stain resistant. With the refinement in concrete surfaces, red wine spillages can simply be wiped away without a care in the world. So, do ask your supplier about your surface.

  3. Concrete is heavy! Consider the thickness of your table, depending on where you are using it. A heavy concrete table can be a blessing for outdoor weather conditions, but not so convenient indoors.

  4. Measure your space! It’s always a good idea to buy from a company that delivers. The professionals will know how best to get that table in without taking down a wall. Remember concrete is very strong!


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