4 Top Tips For Choosing Your Perfect Outdoor Setting!

4 Top Tips For Choosing Your Perfect Outdoor Setting!



Let’s face it, we are a sun burnt country. We love the great outdoors being poolside, BBQ side or beachside. As soon as there’s a hint of summer we are out the door. But how do you create that Instagramable outdoor vibe, that's stylish, comfortable and won't fall apart by the next season? Here are our top 4 tips when choosing outdoor furniture.

1. Location, location, location! Before you rush out and buy your new piece, ask yourself, what kind of environment will your furniture be in? Direct sun, shade, near the beach? This is the first step in the longevity of your furniture, deciding on the right materials that suit your situation.

2. Do you like to clean? Yep, you heard me... unfortunately cleaning is a fact of life when it come to the life span of your outdoor furniture. Not all materials are created equal. If you'd rather spend your summer days relaxing opt for easy clean options or better yet invest in some furniture covers. Materials like real wicker and wood will require a little TLC every now and then.

3. Are you a lounger or a diner? Depending on where you live, some of us don't get to be both. City living these days for example can come with some size restraints. So who are you? The Sunday paper lounger in the back yard  or the outdoor entertainer extraordinaire? Choose the function the most suits your needs.

4. Its true! You get what you pay for... Now days there are fantastic options for all budgets, but depending of what you're looking for... don't expect that $20 plastic chair to see you through the years. If your more about fashion and don't mind upgrading every so often, have fun with it. But if you're looking for a keeper, invest in good materials and show your furniture some regular love. Then it's time to sit back and enjoy all the gifts of summer .

What do you look for in an outdoor setting? Tell us your top tips ...