2019 INTERIOR TRENDS: Sustainability


Sustainability has been a hot word for a while now, but as we draw ever closer to the year 2020, where we all thought we’d have flying cars and crazy technology, the world seems to be slowing down. With the rise of more strange weather patterns and natural disasters, the world is pushing more than ever for sustainability.

So how is sustainability represented in design, is it just the materials we use or is there more? As the old saying goes less in more. This is part of the trend in sustainable design. With the concept of living with less and higher quality items. But also, in the aesthetic of minimal clean rooms. Clean lines, timeless materials and less clutter.

The minimal movement is moving with pace. More open airy spaces with less storage, the need to show one’s personality has become more refined, with less knickknacks and more overall ambience. Well placed meaningful art and photography, mood lighting, the music you fill the room with have become the way to share your story.

More and more people are opting to buy better quality furniture made of solid materials that will last the test of time. Less flat pack, more artisan, hand crafted pieces. Strategically buying “good bones” can work for almost any style and in fact most interior designers will encourage their clients, to invest in good neutral pieces that can be styled up with fabrics, accessories and perhaps a lick of paint. So, the trend of sustainability is an easy one to follow.

Perhaps the hardest part is self-control. As with this day and age of instant gratification, people find it hard to hold off on impulse buys and get caught up with gimmicky sales. But in the days of after pay and all kinds of other payment options, spending a little extra on high quality pieces really does help you and the environment.

But the most endearing part of this trend is to simply care, care for your pieces, support local business when possible and in return know that every little bit counts.


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